Some samples of our work

  • VR North MLSE
    VR North is proud to be Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Official Partner and the first company to film a professional sports team Live Stitch to stream in partnership with Occupied VR.
  • VR North TIFF 2016
    Experience the TIFF 2016 Soiree Red Carpet interviews with Jonny6 and Tamara Moore in Virtual Reality.
  • VR North TF
    Shot in Toronto with combined 24k cinematic, 4k output 360. First Toronto Football Club practice at the new BMO field in 2016. The first professional sports team in Canada to be shot in VR.
  • VR North 360 4K
    Shot in Cartgena with combined 24k cinematic, 4k output 360. Has grown from 8,000 views to 170,000 in less then a month. Presently just shy of 200,000 views.
  • VR North VR Toronto
    Shot in Toronto with combined 24k cinematic, 4k output 360. Presently in negotiations for 5 more building profiles
  • VR North Hotspot Toronto
    Shot in Toronto with combined 24k cinematic, 4k output 360. Developing a ”hotspot” version which allows seamless click through to e-commerce site.

About 360 VR

About VR North

360 VR represents the fastest growing marketing and production opportunity available today. With Facebook and YouTube supporting and with more media mega corporations setting up platforms — it is estimated that the 360 audience will reach 50 million unique visitors and -with AR- be a 150 billion dollar industry by 2020. From the major block buster, to the current affairs program to the ads themselves. 360 VR is changing the market.

VR North is focussing on 360 VR as a marketing, fan, special event and narrowcast opportunity. With Virtual Front Row everyone can experience the best seat in the house. Through collaboration with our strategic partners, we are currently one of ONLY two companies in Canada with Live Stitch to Stream capabilities. Being able to watch 360 VR live as it happens is no longer a theory, it’s a reality.


VR North about Jameel Bharmal

Jameel Bharmal

Jameel Bharmal is a Managing Partner in VR North and one of the founders of Tricon Films & Television having created, written and directed almost all of the company’s shows. Notably being the creator, writer, director of Matchmaker, Restaurant Makeover, The Next Star and most recently executive producing shows for Bravo, History and E! Network. His shows have been broadcast in over 120 countries and he loves long walks on the beach, but hates sand in the house.

VR North about Tamara Moore

Tamara Moore

Tamara is an entrepreneur and Managing Partner of VR North, as well as founder of Ascent Behave, a luxury lifestyle and travel communications agency. She has a background in sports and entertainment, notably being one of the original producers and casting directors on the hit TV series Matchmaker. Known as a TV personality and host, she starred in an NBC Universal TV series last year. Other professional accomplishments include brokering the partnership to bring the exclusive Gansevoort Hotel Group to the Turks and Caicos Islands. Tamara appears as a luxury lifestyle and travel expert on etalk and the Global Morning show (combined segments reaching over 1.5 million viewers) and is a guest writer for a plethora of magazines. Tamara began her career over 15 years ago working for The Toronto Raptors.


  • VR North MLSE
  • VR North 360 Video Plaza
  • VR North Leons Canada Video
  • VR North Bravo Canada
  • VR North HGTV
  • VR North Slice
  • VR North Canada Goose
  • VR North Albany
  • VR North BCBG
  • VR North Etalk
  • VR North Global
  • vR North Cap Maison
  • VR North Caribbean Club
  • VR North Goodwood
  • VR North Spot
  • VR North Samsung

VR NORTH has strategic partnerships with:Better Corners – A new format and technology company that has created a market leading camera rig – the JONNY 6 and is at the forefront of live stitch to stream technology.

TRICON FILMS AND TELEVISION bringing over 15 years of independent production experience and client relations with major brands and broadcasters.

Ascent Behave is a boutique sales, marketing, and public relations agency representing and serving as brand ambassador for upscale lifestyle brands, destinations, and people. The luxury concierge arm of the business orchestrates extravagant experiences and events for high-net worth individuals and corporations. Read more here.

Occupied VR specializes in the production of 360 virtual reality content, wielding cutting-edge technology to deliver a new frontier of innovative storytelling. Supported platforms include the Occulus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, and Google Cardboard.

VR North has affiliates in locations throughout the Globe including LA, New York, Miami, Buenos Aires, Cartagena, Delhi, Dubai, Hong Kong, Jakarta, London, Mainland China, Mexico City, Miami, Milan, Moscow, Mumbai, Munich, New York, Paris, São Paulo, Singapore.